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It’s Monday What Are You Reading?


Hop over to the Book Journey and see what Sheila (the host of this meme ) has going on.

Last week I finished 3 books, 2 of which were pretty good. One was terrible with a capital T!

The first book I finished was Kept in the Dark by Penny Hancock

I really hated this book it was kind of boring and slow and had a crappy ending. I have nothing good to say about it what so ever.

Next up When Death comes Stealing by Valerie Wilson Wesley

I realy liked this book it had a good mix of character development and story line.  I will definitely be continuing on with the series soon. My review should go up this week.

And finally The Parable of the Talents by Octavia E.Butler

This was quite the read not fun, or happy, and good doesn’t seem like the right word either. I will be reviewing this one this week as well.

February is black history month which is to say people will talk about MLK, Harriet Tubman, and that time Rosa Parks was too tired to stand. I really can’t get behind Black History month at least not the way it’s “celebrated” but, anyway. In honor (actually it’s a total coincidence but a fitting one) I will continue reading The Autobiography of Malcolm X by Malcolm X and Alex Hayley.

Other than that I have nothing specific on tap. I have a few ideas of what I want to read but I’m just going to pick up whatever I feel like reading.

So how was your reading week? What do you have planned for the upcoming week? Month?

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6 thoughts on “It’s Monday What Are You Reading?

  1. Thanks for reminding me about Parable of the Talents – I finished the first book a while back, and always meant to come back and finish the next. And I feel you about Black History Month. I’m happy it’s done, but I wish in addition to focusing on “overcoming slavery & discrimination” – it would also focus on the rich history of African American inventors, writers, musicians etc.


    1. I think I preferred Talents just a bit more than Sower but they are both great reads. I agree about Black History there is so much information that is never brought up. It’s kind of sad actually.


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