About Me

Here are the facts

  • 31
  • female
  • living in the southwest
  • 4 spoiled mangy cats
  • working in education

Lover of many types of books including but not limited to historical fiction, adult fiction of any kind, non-fiction, biography, mystery/suspense/cozies, chick lit an occasional YA,  dystopian or sci-fi book just to keep it interesting. I don’t read supernatural books or anything that is explicitly sexual or is classified as erotic fiction.
I decided to start this blog because I am in a giant rut in my life right now. Everything is just OK and I wanted to get excited about something again. I thought maybe if I started a blog I would find some passion again. I ran through a list of things I really loved and well I couldn’t decide but I knew books would be involved in a big way. I also have a serious (not unhealthy) totally healthy love of the Backstreet Boys so they will be a key topic. I also love all things entertainment and fashion so they will be talked about. I’m also really into jewelry making and just dipping my toes into paper crafts. I think the term is lifestyle blog right? So if you care to listen to all my randomness and a healthy dose of the Backstreet Boys please stick around.

Thanks in advance!

You can contact me via email (gglitz4@gmail.com)





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