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And These Are The Duds

I’ve already told you about my favorite books of 2013 here

I also talked about  how I did with my 2013 reading goals here

But before I tell you about my 2014 goals here (coming soon)

Let’s discuss the worst books of 2013! HOORAY!

I think it’s interesting to see why someone didn’t like a book. Often writing style will ruin it, maybe it’s the characters being annoying or unlikable. Often it’s the subject matter, it’s not interesting or it’s too detailed or, not detailed enough. There are people who want lot’s of character development and. those who want a lot of action.  The point? I don’t really have one but, here are the books I really didn’t like in 2013 and, the reasons why.

8. Banksy: The Man By Behind the Wall By Will Ellsworth-Jones

I saw this on goodreads and entered to receive a free copy, which I won. I had never heard of Bansky before so I went in blind. I came out thinking ew, this guy is kind of a jerk and really takes himself seriously. Kanye much? Anyway it wasn’t interesting for me but I could see that or someone who is into his work would dig it.

7. The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks By Rebecca Skloot

I went into this book pretty sure I was going to love it, so I was super disappointed. The subject was really interesting but I didn’t like the execution of it. It was half science book have biography but for me they didn’t mesh. I also disliked all the background on certain people not in the family. I didn’t really see why I needed to know so much about some of the doctors and hospital staff.  Having said all that I still think the subject is really important and so I’m glad I read it.

6. Night Swimming By Robin Schwarz

I saw this book at a local goodwill and was going to buy but didn’t. I went back a couple of weeks later and it was still there so I thought OK I’ll get it then. The synopsis sounded fun but I was underwhelmed.  It ended up being one of those fat girl losses weight gains love, happiness and all the good things books. Lame! I hate that crap!

5. A Secret Life Alias Prequel #2 By Peyton Roberts

Anyone who knows me knows I frikin love Alias! My blog name is directly taken from the show.  It’s a show I re-watch on a constant loop, I’m kind of always watching it. So, of course I would read some books about it .The first one I read was pretty good this one not so much. It just lacked some spark. I also feel like the author didn’t know Alias or Sydney Bristow at all.

4. Inferno By Dan Brown

This is likely the last Brown book I will read. I have read almost everything else he’s written and it’s been an up and down relationship we’ve had going on. Unfortunately this book put us officially in the down of the up and down. It was really wordy, and kind of pompous which  is nothing new but, I just really disliked it this time around. I feel like Brown just kind of recycles the same stuff over and over and I’m not here for it anymore.

3. Lean in: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead By Sheryl Sandberg

Lean out lean way out! Nothing about this book was for me not one thing. This book was written with a very specific person in mind so for that person it will probably be great. It left out a whole lot of the population which mainstream feminism often does so nothing new here.

2. Chasing Paris By Jen Carter

What a disappointment this turned out to be. It was supposed to be about Paris if you judge the book by its cover. It was supposed to have a family secret and travel and self discovery. Short story short it had none of that. It never got off the ground and then it just stayed there on the ground doing nothin!

1. Warrior Princess: My Quest to Become the First Female Massai Warrior By Mindy Budgor

UGH!! This was terrible horrible no good very bad.  Let 2014 be the year we leave behind the white savior narrative please!! If you don’t know what I’m talking about go read this ,because you know, you just may not know you know! I found Mindy to be incredibly entitled and spoiled but she kind of owns some of that. The worst part was how disrespectful she was to the Massai people.She was totally in the rude American stereotype place where she seemed to look down on the crazy brown foreigners, with their weird customs! I just hated everything about this book and wish I could un-read it!

Although I said these where in no particular order Warrior Princess (that title alone) gets the biggest thumbs down of the year!!

Honorable DUD mention goes to Jane Eyre. I have had this on my TBR pretty much since I starting reading chapter books. I finally decided to give it a go last year. I started it in March or April and then put it down. I picked it back up a couple of months later and got to the part where she meets ol’ what’s his name. I have yet to pick it back up. I just can’t find any interest in it right now. It seems to be something that’s happening a lot to me lately. I have all these books I am “supposed” to read, that I thought I wanted to read but I’m just not into them anymore. I have some ideas bouncing around in my head about why but that is for a later post.

Well folks that was the list of the books I didn’t love in 2013 what was your least favorite book in 2013? Did you read anything you wish you could take back?

Until Next Time


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