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The Final Top Ten Tuesday Of 2013

Top Ten Tuesday is a fun meme brought to you by the ladies over at The Broke and the Bookish


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This was a really good reading year for me so narrowing it down to 10 books was impossible. In the end I decided to just go with it, so here are my top 14 books of 2013, in no particular order. Click titles for goodreads

14. Squalor New Mexico By Lisette Brody

I saw this book and was intrigued by the title assuming it had something to do with New Mexico, it didn’t. It’s a funny, sad, frustrating and heartwarming coming of age type story. I cried at the end which I don’t do often.

13. Long Distance Life By Marita Golden

Marita Golden is one of my favorite authors ever so it’s a given I will love anything by her. This one hit close to home because it takes place around the great migration. It’s sad, sad ,sad but oh so good.

12. Beauty Queens By Libba Bray

I was really reluctant to read this because I don’t usually like YA and I thought this was just another YA book. Boy was I wrong!! I initially listened to this in audio format but, I loved it so much I went out and bought a hard copy. I will so be re-reading this next year.

11. The Color Purple By Alice Walker

I have been putting this off for so long. I of course watched the movie ages ago when I was a little girl and have since re-watched it so many times. I think it was a kind of defining movie experience for me. Because of that I was afraid to read the book in case it was either not as good or so good it ruined the movie. I am still not sure if it would have been better to read the book first but, either way it was excellent.

10. The Warmth of other Suns by Isabel Wilkerson

Oh man this book tore me up. It hit so close to home and just made me feel so many things I can’t put them into words. This is a book that should be required reading in high school. I can’t believe how many people don’t even know what the great migration is, much less how it impacted this entire country.

9. A Raisin in the Sun By Lorraine Hansberry

Lorraine Hansberry was revolutionary and remarkable. When she died we all lost.

8. To Be Young Gifted and Black By Lorraine Hansberry: An Informal Biography

See Above

7. 32 Candles By Ernessa T. Carter

I was expecting just a fun romantic comedy with a 16 Candles feel. What I got was so much more. Yes it was fun but it was also sad and had a surprising depth. I can’t wait to get my hands on her next book.

6. Kindred By Octavia Butler

This was hard to read at times, questions went unanswered and it was pretty sad, but it was one hell of a ride.

5. Sula By Toni Morrison

Morrison may not write happy books but she does make you feel things. She somehow manages to show you the worst parts of humanity and the best usually all wrapped up in one person.

4. The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness By Michelle Alexander

It took me a few days to get over the anger I felt after I read this book. I’m not actually sure I’m over it or if I’ve just buried it, either way it was worth the anger it produced. I wasn’t unfamiliar with the subject matter going in but it still hit me hard at times.

3.Mo’ Meta Blues by Questlove

I love The Roots, I love Questlove so of course I love this book. It was funny, fun and cool. There are so many cool stories about Prince, the beginning of the neo-soul movement, and a whole mess of amazing music suggestions. Time Magazine was right Questlove is the coolest person of 2013!

I know I said these were in no particular order but the final 2 are just a touch more amazing than others.

2. Their Eyes Were Watching God By Zora Neale Hurston

I really don’t have the words for this book. I will say it was one of the best books I have ever read. I will also say that I am glad I waited until I could fully grasp it to read it. I don’t think it would have meant as much to me even 5 years ago.

1. Sister Citizen: Shame, Stereotypes, and Black Women in America By Melissa Harris-Perry

This book literally changed my life and the way I think. Need I say more?

So those friends are my Top 14 Books of 2013. I read some really amazing books and some real duds(post to come about those soon). What I didn’t do is meet my goodreads challenge. I am planning a post about all the challenges and goals I had set for 2013 and which ones I met. Spoiler I didn’t meet any!

So Until Next Time


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