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Wish List Wednesday

Wishlist Wednesday

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The Awesome girls Guide to Dating Extraordinary Men By Ernessa T. Carter




I found two different covers. I’m not actually loving either but the purple one is better.


The only things that Sharita, Thursday, Risa, and Tammy have in common are their disastrous love lives. But the year three of them turn 30 will be different, they swear!

Sharita, a plump and conservative accountant wants to make partner at her firm and find the man of her dreams. Thursday, the daughter of a formerly chart-topping political rapper, wants to stop being a serial one-month stander, and settle down into a stable life with a stable boyfriend. Risa, a skinny and audacious electronica punk rocker, wants to finally land an album deal, which she feels is the only way to win back the heart of her on-again of off-again closeted girlfriend. And after getting fired as the spokesmodel for her family’s hair company, sweet and gorgeous Tammy wants to prove that she has what it takes to make it on her own.None of these women get what they want, but over the course of two years, they get exactly what they need. And that proves to be the best thing after all. (synopsis from Amazon)

I found out about Ernessa thanks to the Clutch Magazine 100 Black female authors list.  She had a book on that list called 32 Candles, her first published book, which I reviewed here. In short I loved that book and I knew I wanted to read more from Ernessa.  Ernessa is doing something that you don’t see a ton of, and that is writing adult contemporary novels about black women. You could classify these as chick-lit(at term I personally hate) but with a little something extra. 32 Candles struck the right balance between some tough issues, romance ,and humor. I can safely say I am an Ernessa fan after only one book.  She will probably become the kind of author that makes me buy her books without even knowing what they are about.  As soon as it becomes available in paperback I am going to snap it up.

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