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Top Ten Tuesday

It’s Top Ten Tuesday Time Again!


Top Ten Tuesday was created by the ladies over at The Broke and The Bookish. They give us a bookish topic and we create a top ten list to accompany it.

This weeks topic is

Top Ten Book Turn-Offs

These are as always in no particular order except for #1 it’s by far my biggest turn-off!

10.  Sexy Abusive Men

This is a thing I’ve notice in a lot of thrillers/mystery books that are often put in the romantic category as well. The story has a beautiful woman who needs a ruggedly handsome, sexy, loner,bad-boy to help her figure out some mystery. This amazing guy ultimately saves the day but not before he does some things that make me uncomfortable. Often this man will put his hands on her in a way other than hitting.  This comes in the form of physically restraining her when she wants to leave,picking her up and removing her from a room against her will, kissing her in the middle of a fight and so many other things. What I hate about these things is they are made out to be romantic or heroic and sexy. They fall in love at the end of the book and often he helps her stop being frigid and prudish. YUCK!  The worst thing about it all is I used to read books with these themes all up in them.  I’m looking at you Sandra Brown. Nowadays if this happens I stop reading!

9. Sneaky Supernatural Stuff

I don’t like supernatural themes as a rule. I never read books with paranormal activity so, when it shows up without warning I hate it especially if I am already invested in the book.

8. Over Explaining Things

When an author explains something that’s great. When an author spends the beginning of ever chapter explaining the big points of the last chapter I have to question why no one edited that out. It’s also kind of distracting!

7. Dumb Decisions

This refers to dumb decisions made by people who should know better than to make dumb decisions! This happens a lot with cops and detectives. Often they will make the most outlandish decisions like going after the bad guy alone even though they could totally call for back-up.

6. That Guy That All The Ladies MUST HAVE RIGHT NOW

I am so over books with men who are wanted by every single woman who walks by.  Look there are hot guys that most women will look at and think dang he’s sexy (I’m looking at you Idris Elba) but that doesn’t mean he’s gettin’ em all in to bed. This is the thing that made me stop reading the Stone Barrington books by Stuart Woods. Every woman Barrington interacts with in even a small way ends up in bed with him. COME ON!

5.  Gratuitous Violence

I read quite a few murder mystery novels so I can handle some violence and gore when it’s necessary and makes sense. When the violence doesn’t make sense or seems thrown in for kicks  then I have a hard time reading a book.

4. Gratuitous Sex

I don’t mind a book with some sexy time in it. When the main characters are gettin’ it on in every chapter yeah I have a problem.

3.  Information Dumping

If I read a non-fiction book about a certain subject then I expect all kinds of information obviously. If I read a book that is supposed to be about solving a crime or falling in love or whatever, and all I get is info about another subject I’m unhappy.  I read this book about a woman who dies while trying to prove this famous mathematical problem. Sounds kind of cool except that the author spent chapters talking about math in great detail. There were paragraphs about dead mathematicians and other problems they had proved and WOW! that got real old real quick. The kicker was none of it actually had to do with the woman’s death!

2. This Thing I Don’t Have A Name For

I need to see you she said, I can’t come over he said, when will you be free she said, I don’t know he said. You get what I’m saying with this one?

1. Tokens

I am very accustomed to reading books where everyone is white I don’t love that bu,t I can live with it if it’s a good book .These days I prefer diversity in my books and that usually includes people of color (POC) What I hate is a book that adds POC  and then puts them right into their little designated box. I am so sick of sassy, fat mean black ladies and sexy, full-lipped hot-blooded Latina’s. If you want to add POC good, if they are just there to check some minority box then just stop.

That’s all I’ve got what are your bookish turn-offs

Until Next Time


19 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday

    1. I’ve always sort of been aware of it but it’s only started bothering me in the last few years. I think it’s just laziness on the part of the author.


  1. I wholeheartedly agree with everything on your list (except I do like the occasional paranormal book, but when I already know its going to be paranormal).


    1. I think the thing that bothers me the most is when it doesn’t have anything to do with the story. Why have it if it doesn’t mean anything?


  2. OMG #7. I have this same problem with detective shows. I get wanting a suspenseful, dramatic ending to an episode. But there’s a difference between suspense and stupidity! Great list!


  3. #2= excessive use of dialogue tags. I hate that too. If a conversation is written well, it should be clear who is talking without telling us every time.


    1. Yeah some told me what that was called. I didn’t know it had an actual name. My blog name is in reference to the TV show Alias with Jennifer Garner. The #47 is used all throughout it. And there is a book in there and page 47 is the most important page. Sorry for the long explanation. Thanks for stopping by!


  4. That’s a good list. I am right there with you on the paranormal thing. I hate reading along and then the answer to the whole story is MAGIC!


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