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I Should Have Read That A Long Time Ago

At the beginning of the year I set up some goals for myself. Books I had that I’ve wanted to read for a long time. Among those books were the Anne of Green Gables books. I fell in love with Anne when I watched the miniseries as a little girl. At that time I didn’t even know it was a book series. It would be years later when I was in about 30 that I would read Anne for the first time. The really sad thing is I wasn’t nearly as amazing as I anticipated it would be. I kept thinking Anne was way to “pie in the sky” way to cheesy if you will. I know she has a bit of the cheese factor in the movie but its way over the top in the book. Never the less I continued on with the second book and felt much the same. After I finished book 2 I realized it just wasn’t meant to be, me and Anne of Green Gables in book form anyway. The entire time I was reading both books I kept thinking I should have read this when I was 8.  At 8 I was reading Babysitters club and Nancy Drew books along with a bunch of stand alone chapter books  and of course Little Women.  I know I would have just loved Anne and all her cheesy goodness.  I don’t think this is exclusive to middle grade, or even YA books. Lots of adults my age and older love those genres books. I just think for me and these books  the timing is off. I wonder if this is the case with Austen as well. I read Pride and Prejudice years ago and loved it followed closely by Sense and Sensibility which I loved as well. This year I decided I wanted to read all the rest of them and the adaptations I owned. I just finished Northanger Abbey and I was underwhelmed (side bar I know you can be overwhelmed and underwhelmed but can you ever just be whelmed? Virtual high-five if you know that quote!) because I actually think I was just whelmed. It took me forever to read it and then when I finally finished it wasn’t everything I thought it would be. Now I am reading Mansfield Park and I just can’t seem to get engaged. I actually turned to audiobooks for both because I kept putting the book down. I thought if I could listen while I cleaned or drove it would help. I actually believe that is the only reason I got through Northanger.  Last month I also finished 2  Austen adaptations Me and Mr Darcy and Austenland. I liked them Austenland more so but I just didn’t love them. Now I may not have loved them no matter what but I truly feel it’s a case of timing.  I think if I had read all of these in my early twenties I would be signing a different tune. Unlike Anne however, I think I may like Austen at a later date. Anne and I might be broken up for good Jane and I are just on a break I think.  I may try to finish Mansfield Park but, if I don’t feel myself truly engaged in the next few chapters I may put it down for now. I think I am just in a different mind frame at this time in my life. Maybe in 6 months or a year or 2 years I will be in a different mind frame. I am not done with Jane not by a long shot, I just think right now we aren’t right for each other. So do you ever feel like this? Ever feel like a book is right just not right for you at a particular time. Ever read a book and thought I needed this when I was younger or this might have been better in a few years? In the opposite corner there are books that I am glad I waited to read. Books Like the Color Purple and A Raisin in the Sun. I just think I may not have fully grasped them if I read them when I was younger.  Any books you are glad you waited to read? Anything you think needed to be read when you were older and better prepared for them?

Alright that is all I have for now!

Until Next Time


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