Backstreet Boys

Forty (ish) Favorite Backstreet Boys Songs of ALL TIME!

 For those that don’t know the Backstreet Boys are celebrating their 20th anniversary on April 20th. Yes people you read that right 20 years! On the 20th they will be hosting an anniversary celebration at the Fonda Theater in L.A. On the 22nd they will finally be receiving their well deserved star on the Hollywood walk of fame!  So in honor of their 20th anniversary I am going to do a few posts over the next week that celebrate all my favorite Backstreet Boy stuff starting with my favorite songs.

I was going to attempt my top 20 but that proved to be impossible. It would be like asking a mother to pick her favorite child! OK maybe that’s an exaggeration but it was real hard y’all. So instead I decided top  forty would be good because it would be 2 songs for each year. What I ended up with is really close to forty but not quite.

I will list them by album in chronological order but not order of preference as that would be too hard.


I Wanna Be With You

We’ve Got It Goin’ On

Get Down (You’re The One For Me)

Quit Playing Games (With My Heart)


As Long As You Love Me

Hey Mr DJ (Keep Playing This Song)


If I Don’t Have You

That’s What She Said

10,000 Promises


Larger Than Life

It’s Gotta Be You

I Need You Tonight

Don’t Want You Back

Don’t Wanna Lose You Know

The One


No One Else Comes Close

Shape Of My Heart

I Promise You (With Everything I am)


More Than That

Not For Me

Yes I Will





Crawling Back To You

I Still

Lose It All

Climbing The Walls


Never Gone



Helpless When She Smiles



Unsuspecting Sunday Afternoon


Straight Through My Heart


If I Knew Then

This is US




All In My Head

Those are my favorite (for now) BSB songs. In truth I love almost every one of their songs.  I think there are 3 songs that I don’t love but I don’t hate them either. In reality if I did this list a year from now or a year ago there would be a difference in the songs selected because every time I listen to a BSB song I think OHMYGODILOVETHISSONGSOMUCH!! So yeah!



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